Kelvin Gann

Full Stack Rails Developer

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About Me

Kelvin Gann

Full Stack Rails Developer

Ever since building computers in highschool, I've been facinated by technology and how things work. I love working with my hands and building things that work. I am passionate about things that interest me, and I am always eager to continue advancing my skills. Currently, I am seeking a full-time position in an engaging environment where I can deepen my existing skills, and develop new ones.


Full Stack Developer

It's important to me to be a well rounded developer. Some of the tools in my toolbox are: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, GitHub, Heroku, React, and Bootstrap.

Learn By Doing

I love learning about the latest and newest technologies. Often times I pair with people that are exploring the same technology I'm interested in to learn.

Team Player

I love Collaborating on projects. I am easy to get along with and can make the best out of any situation. I love working on and showing people projects I'm passionate about.